Conference Committee


Honorable Chairs

Wei-Jen Lee, IEEE Fellow, University of Texas at Arlington

MAGYAR Péter, Life Fellow IEEE / IAS Director of Chapter Development 2019- / IAS Chapters and Membership Department Chair 2009-2018

Lesley Arakkal, IAS Chapter and Membership Development Chair

Ming Yang, Shandong University



Zhaohao Ding, North China Electric Power University

Zhenyuan Zhang, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Conference Chairs

Zhengshuo Li, Shandong University

Tianguang Lu, Shandong University

Peng Li, Shandong University

Yixiao Yu, Shandong University

Conference Co-Chairs

You Lin, Southern Methodist University

Hammad Armghan, National University of Sciences and Technology

Yiran Ma, Shandong University


Steering Committee Chairs

Changhang Zhang, Shandong University

Pingfeng Ye, Shandong University

Xinyi Jiang, Shandong University

Xianglong Yang, Shandong University

Technical Program Chairs

Xingxu Zhu, Shandong University

Chen Feng, Shandong University

Yijing Xu, Shandong University

Steering Committee

Xiaoyi Liu, State Grid of China Technology College

Jiangyang Yuan, Shandong University

Shiying Huang, Shandong University

Bincheng Zhao, Shandong University

Yuan Gao, Shandong University

Long Pang, Shandong University

Yuxin Sun, Shandong University

Lindong Zang, Shandong University

Hongzhe Zhang, Shandong University


Technical Program Members

MengLin Li, Shandong University

Tingting Ding, Shandong University

Zhiyuan Si, Shandong University

Guanjie Wang, Shandong University

Yating Liu, Shandong University

Yifan Bo, Shandong University

Yu Zhou, Shandong University

Dongdong Bu, Shandong University

Haitian Wang, Shandong University

Xiaochen Qu, Shandong University